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    Providing Free Consultations... (6) days a week!

  We're here to listen to the needs of each Client, and ensure that they have
  the-right  Insurance Plan, which meets both their needs and their budget.

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     Tele-Health - a powerful, user-friendly, almost immediate, access to health care services.  
      It's convenient alternative to office visits, and this clinical service can be offered to almost  
      any patient, almost anywhere, which is especially important to rural communities
    HMO  or PPO -  Most Americans who have health insurance are enrolled in some type of - 
     managed care plan: the most common types are either an HMO (health maintenance
     organization) Plan or PPO (preferred provider organization) Plan. Generally HMO's have a
     smaller network and requires PCP authorizations (primary care provider), where as, PPO's
     have a broader network, without prior authorizations, but also has greater cost share.

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    Comsuming Toxins
- Good Health is a bi-product of; the consumption of nutrients, then 
     digestion, then excretion, Ratios.  Failure in complete synchronicity of this system, leads to
     deficiencies or accumulations in the body. The Bottom-Line: eat-right and exercise daily...
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